Homecoming was founded in 2013 with the intention of bringing together all of our favorite things into one space. Our in-house line continues that theme - from coffee, candles and ceramics, to floral services, classes and events.
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  • Daily Ritual Box
    Daily Ritual Box
    $52.00 USD
  • Slow Intentions Box
    Slow Intentions Box
    $154.00 USD
  • Sip & Read Box
    Sip & Read Box
    $108.00 USD
  • Coffee & Tea Box
    Coffee & Tea Box
    $44.00 USD
  • Lovers & Friends Box
    Lovers & Friends Box
    $148.00 USD
  • Coffee Lovers Box
    Coffee Lovers Box
    $48.00 USD
  • Bright Bouquet
    Bright Bouquet
    From $85.00 USD
  • Oscillations
    Sold Out
  • High/Low (Intramural Collab)
    High/Low (Intramural Collab)
    Sold Out
  • Watersports T-Shirt
    Watersports T-Shirt
    $25.20 USD $36.00 USD
  • NYC Script T-Shirt
    NYC Script T-Shirt
    $25.20 USD $36.00 USD
  • Saw Blade Long Sleeve
    Saw Blade Long Sleeve
    $26.60 USD $38.00 USD
  • J4C T-Shirt
    J4C T-Shirt
    $25.20 USD $36.00 USD
  • NYC Script Long Sleeve
    NYC Script Long Sleeve
    $26.60 USD $38.00 USD
  • Yin Yang Long Sleeve
    Yin Yang Long Sleeve
    Sold Out
  • Honduras Finca Monte Nevado
    Honduras Finca Monte Nevado
    Sold Out
  • Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Estate
    Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Estate
    Sold Out
  • Friends & Fam Tote
    $18.00 USD $28.00 USD
  • Friends & Fam Tote
    Friends & Fam Tote
    $18.00 USD $28.00 USD
  • Bakes Blend (Lindsey Gazel)
    Bakes Blend (Lindsey Gazel)
    Sold Out
  • Ethiopia Geta Bore
    Ethiopia Geta Bore
    $20.00 USD
  • Rwanda Kinini Village
    Rwanda Kinini Village
    Sold Out
  • Mexico Irene Sanchez
    Mexico Irene Sanchez
    $20.00 USD
  • Kenya Ndundu AA
    Kenya Ndundu AA
    Sold Out
  • Our Legacy Work Shop
    Our Legacy Work Shop
    Sold Out
  • Only NY x Homecoming
    Only NY x Homecoming
    Sold Out
  • Ethiopia Duromina
    Ethiopia Duromina
    Sold Out
  • Kenya Handege
    Kenya Handege
    Sold Out
  • Ethiopia Goraa
    Ethiopia Goraa
    Sold Out
  • Wax Studios Playtime Set
    Wax Studios Playtime Set
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  • Wax Studios Playtime Blend
    Wax Studios Playtime Blend
    Sold Out
  • House Jam
    House Jam
    $18.00 USD