Less is more. We seek out beautiful single origin coffees from dedicated farmers. Our process relies on letting these coffees speak for themselves.

Our modern roasting system allows us to maintain extreme standards for quality and consistency, batch after batch, while reducing emissions 80% that of a standard gas roaster.

Our Process →

We look to source fresh, exceptional coffees in an effort to bring as many unique stories, producers and origins to our menu as possible. Our intention is to create year-over-year relationships with the coffees we offer, and producers we work with. The goal of these efforts being mutual growth, and strides at continual improvement in quality and efficiency.

We are proud that the farmers we source from are paid a minimum 3-4x more than that of “Fair Trade” rates, which allows them to prioritize working with partners like us, who value quality & care over volume.

All of our coffees are cupped for quality and consistency at the source, and again multiple times throughout their journey to your cup. The coffee is then cupped and monitored throughout its seasonal life. We are dedicated to puting in the same level of effort as our farming partners to ensure the highest possible quality coffee is our end product.

Sourcing →

Capturing the spirit of community, experimentation and joy found in our brick & mortar locations has been the catalyst for our coffee program. We take every opportunity to expand our circle and collaborate with like-minded friends & partners.

We’re fortunate to have worked with our friends Our Legacy, Wax Studios, Intramural, Lindsey Gazel, Botz Coffee, and New Information on coffee collaborations. These projects are an exercise in looking for new, fun angles in coffee that blur the line between community, collaboration & commerce.

Our relationships with Crop to Cup, Coffee Quest, Falcon Coffees, and other noted importers allow us to source exceptional, sustainable, and ethical coffees.

Partners →