Danielle Yukari

Danielle Yukari is a Brazilian-Japanese manual artist, currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Graduated in Fashion Design in São Paulo, Brazil, her work transits between ceramics, clothing, knitting and embroidery.
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  • Red Striped Bowl
    Red Striped Bowl
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  • Blue Striped Cup
    Blue Striped Cup
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  • Blue Striped Planter
    Blue Striped Planter
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  • Red Striped Planter
    Red Striped Planter
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  • Blue Striped Vase
    Blue Striped Vase
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  • Blue Striped Bowl
    Blue Striped Bowl
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  • Red Striped Vase
    Red Striped Vase
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  • Red Striped Cup
    Red Striped Cup
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