Molly Bernstein

Molly Bernstein's work overflows with color and personality. A native of South Jersey, she studied ceramics at UArts in Philadelphia, PA and in Tokoname, Japan where she gleaned how to see functional objects as tiny sculptures you live with and get to touch. Molly is currently a Core Fellow at Penland School of Craft in Western Appalachia.
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  • Red Brick Mug
    Red Brick Mug
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  • Net Mug
    Net Mug
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  • Kite Mug
    Kite Mug
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  • Lucky Seven Mug
    Lucky Seven Mug
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  • Pool Hopping Planter
    Pool Hopping Planter
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  • Chainlink Mug
    Chainlink Mug
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  • Lucille Planter
    Lucille Planter
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  • Sweater Weather Mug
    Sweater Weather Mug
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    Soft Serve Mug
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