Cookbook #4: Eggs

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This is the fourth installment in the annual Apartamento cookbook collection. The fourth book pays homage to the glorious egg - universal symbol of fertility and the circle of life. It includes a compiled group of the favorite egg recipes (and the stories behind them) of 16 of the world’s best chefs, food lovers, and culinary taste makers. 

Featuring: Anaïs Van Manen, Antoni Miralda & Montse Guillen, Carlo Cracco, Clare De Boer, Dylan Watson-Brawn, Fabián Von Hauske Valtierra, Ignacio Mattos, Kim Hastreiter, Lauren Stephens & Fred Mora, Liz Prueitt, Liza Asseily, Martin Berg, May Chow, Norte, Rafram Chaddad, and Shohei Yasuda.

  • 40 Pages

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