An exploration of roasting techniques by Homecoming*, Botz Coffee, and New Information.

Please view the microsite we created for a deep dive into the project, including roast curves and notes: https://oscillations.coffee/

With a Loring S15, 70 kilograms of exceptional green coffee§, and zero adherence to any steadfast “rules”, Oscillations was conceived. Guided by taste first, this collaborative endeavor aims to demonstrate unique approaches to roasting coffee on a Loring system. We invite you to enjoy this experiment by exploring the three coffee renditions within this box.


* Homecoming is a coffee and plant shop based in Brooklyn, New York.
Botz Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based in Whiting, Indiana.
New Information is a Brooklyn based graphic design studio.
A leading coffee roasting system with precise control and advanced technology. Loring roasters are nearly completely convective systems, unlike traditional drum roasters.
§ Huila, Colombia; Caturra Chiroso; 1700-1850m; Washed.

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